Tuesday 20 August 2013

Baby and dog

I could not resist putting this picture on my blog.  I was listening to the Today program on BBC Radio4 this morning and so much rubbish was talked about these newly released pictures of the royal baby, I turned the radio off.  They were critising "the amateurish quality of the pictures.  Mr Middleton should not harbour ambitions of becoming a photographer.   Why is the dog in the picture?  Too much sunlight in the background."
Ozzy is in all our family phtographs.  He is very much part of the family. 
Is it not nice to have a natural, non photoshopped snap?
A normal family with a baby and the family dog.
I think they are great and we should have more.


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Whispering Walls said...

Hurrah for Lupo! Welcome back ED - hope you had a fabulous holiday in NZ.