Sunday 26 September 2010

New puppy

My friend, AT, the vet, has been without a dog for two years after the death of Prozac and has just acquired a puppy. Isn’t he sweet? 
He is an Australian shepherd dog actually. At first I mistook him for a Bernese Mountain dog. Perhaps because of his colouring. He is 4 months old and is called Jhappy.
This is what AT has to say:
“Voici mon nouveau chiot : Jhappy ... Non, non, ce n’est pas un Bouvier Bernois, mais un modèle réduit : le berger Australien , plus connu en couleur Merle qu’en tricolore...
Il m’a fallu plus de 2 ans pour me décider à reprendre un chien après mon beau Prozac, mais comprenez pourquoi j’ai craqué sur celui-ci !!!! »

Sunday 19 September 2010

Blue suede shoes

Police dogs in Düsseldorf will soon be equipped with blue plastic fiber shoes.
"All 20 of our police dogs — German and Belgian shepherds — are currently being trained to walk in these shoes," a police spokesman said. "I'm not sure they like it, but they'll have to get used to it."
The unusual footwear is not a fashion statement but rather a necessity due to the high rate of paw injuries on duty. Especially in the city's historical old town — famous for both its pubs and drunken revelers — the dogs often step into broken beer bottles.
The dogs will wear the shoes only during operations that demand special foot protection. The shoes comes in sizes small, medium and large and were ordered in blue to match the officers uniforms.

Sunday 12 September 2010

My Dog Tulip

Look out for this beautifully animated film featuring the voices of Christopher Plummer, the late Lynn Redgrave, and Isabella Rossellini.  My Dog Tulip is a bittersweet retrospective account of author J. R. Ackerley’s 16-year relationship with his adopted Alsatian bitch, Tulip.
The distinguished man of letters, Ackerley hardly thought of himself as a dog lover when, well into middle age, he came to adopt Tulip – a beautiful, yet intolerable 18-month-old German shepherd. To his surprise, she turned out to be the love of his life, the “ideal friend” he had been searching for in vain for so many years. In vivid and sometimes startling detail, the film reveals Tulip’s sassy, often erratic behaviour (and very canine tastes) and Ackerley’s fumbling but determined efforts to ensure an existence of perfect happiness for her.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

No way

Can you believe this? A male long-coated chihuahua dubbed "Love-kun" was born with heart-shaped markings on his coat in Odate, Japan on August 3rd. His older brother "Heart-kun" sports a heart-shaped pattern on his back.

Sunday 5 September 2010

Visit to garden centre

 Are these two the new garden gnomes?Would you like these two to protect your drive?