Wednesday 31 August 2011

Going for a drive

Ozzy is always watching our every move and sticks to us very closely.  I gather this is typical of the breed.  On one of the Australian Shepherd's website they referred to them as "velcro dogs".

Thursday 25 August 2011

Cornish pasties for dogs

Hungry Henrys are described as "sit-tail wagging-good boy-wait-fetch-perfect treats."
These yummy freshly made dog treats from Cornwall are named after Hector, a PBGV living in St Erth in Cornwall.   I picked this information up from their website.  What is a PBGV? Yes, I had to look it up myself.  It is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen.   These treats a must for your dog! No added salts, sugars or preservatives. Just locally and responsibly sourced ingredients and so good for your dog. What's more they are Gluten free.
There are six yummy flavours to choose from:
Yummy liver cake
Mouthwatering Cornish Pasty Bites
Scrummy Mackerel Flapjack
Lush Aniseed, liver and carrot
Exceptional Dark secrets
Too good to be true Variety Pack

The packs are available in vet practices in the UK along with quality retailers.  A 150gr pack costs £3.95

I've seen it all now!

Sunday 21 August 2011

Ice cream treats

Nestlé has set canine tails wagging across the United States with the launch of its new Frosty Paws Bites frozen ice cream snacks for dogs.
The bites – specially formulated for dogs, who are lactose intolerant and cannot digest dairy products such as regular ice cream properly – contain high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, but no milk.
Available in Vanilla or Peanut Butter flavours, and coated with vanilla yogurt, they are the second range of products from the Frosty Paws brand, which already offers larger ice cream cups for dogs in the same flavour varieties.

Friday 19 August 2011

Dog lead

Found this picture on Winchester Whisperer's blog.  This new trend might work in St Tropez for Princess Caroline's dog but I cannot see Ozzy walking around with a sausage dog lead.    

Thursday 11 August 2011

London riots

The riots in London have injured 111 police officers and five service dogs, Scotland Yard said in a statement Tuesday.
Many officers remain hospitalised with broken bones, head injuries, serious cuts and eye injuries from broken glass, the Scotland Yard stated.
Rioters have been throwing bricks, bottles, sticks and other objects at police who are trying to keep order in the streets of London, as looting and fires have been witnessed since Saturday in the capital city of Britain.
Five police dogs have also been injured in various attacks. One was seriously injured when hit on the head with a brick.
One dog had its teeth broken out by an object thrown at it. The remaining dogs were injured by bottles and other items hurled in their direction.
The dogs are Belgian shepherds called Malinois.  They are used for police work all over the world.   

Friday 5 August 2011

Designer's dogs

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who hanged himself last year left £50,000 of his £16million fortune to his pet dogs, his will has revealed.  The money is to be put into a trust to ensure his beloved pets’ upkeep for the rest of their lives.  
He hanged himself after taking a cocktail of cocaine, sleeping pills and tranquillizers on February 11 last year, the day before his mother Joyce’s funeral.  An inquest in April last year heard that he killed himself after struggling with depression, the pressures of his work and his mother's death.
Police found a book at the designer's flat on the back of which he had scribbled: 'Look after my dogs, sorry, I love you, Lee.'
The fashion house that bears McQueen's name remains hugely influential.
The Duchess of Cambridge's intricately decorated wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, received rave reviews on her big day in April and is currently on display at Buckingham Palace.