Friday 11 November 2011

Let's not forget Flanders Field

Dogs were used in the trenches to kill rats and mice, thereby protecting food supplies. In addition to carrying out messenger duties and various other tasks, a regimental mascot also helped to maintain the troops morale.
Most of the armies involved in 'the Great War' had specially trained dogs in many of their regiments. These dogs performed a wide range of important tasks, including carrying messages, sentry duty, acting as decoys, ambulance duties and killing vermin. Keeping a pet also helped to raise the morale of the soldiers, by adding an element of domestic home life to the trench.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Eye contact with Ozzy

I came across an American website which interprets dreams and this particular interpretation I found quite interesting : “To see or dream that you are a dog trainer indicates that you need to keep your negative behavior in check. You need to show more restraint.”
What does this mean?  Anybody know?

Thursday 3 November 2011

Fluorescent poops!

Barcelona’s Museum of Ideas and Inventions (MIBA) has opened its doors to inspire the public with their clever devices and weird contraptions, one of which is fluorescent dog food which is brightly colored and sickly looking and which will provide glow-in-the-dark dog poop called “Flou-Can.”
The fluorescent dog bones and dog food have made such a hit that it was exhibited at 11th Annual British Invention Show & Awards  which was held in London recently.
What next?