Saturday 13 October 2007

Crystal clear

Rosley’s Rock and Gems, a Chicago based holistic rock and gems shop, now also offers crystals for dogs as they argue animals are able to receive the healing benefits of crystals as well as humans. Various stones produce different effects shown through the animal's behaviour. The extensive line of crystals on offer are artfully wire wrapped with stays for easy attachment to the pet’s collar.
Crystals have been known to have healing powers for centuries. Not only is quartz used in our watches and lodestone for magnets, past cultures show evidence of belief in crystals as far back as Neolithic man, whose remains have been found carrying pieces of amber. Delving into the properties of all the stones of our planet, calming, rejuvenating, and strengthening qualities can be found; a distinct "personality" for each kind of stone. Now dogs, cats, birds, fish and even iguanas, can benefit from stones.
Here is the list of crystals and their healing properties.

AMBER: This soothing stone will calm nerves and enliven the stick-in-the-mud pet to be a bit cheerier, while calming a hyper-active one.
AMETHYST: Amethyst is a powerful all-around healer, improving hearing and the nervous and skeletal systems predominately. It is a great help if your pet must battle arthritis.
AVENTURINE: As it helps to strengthen your blood, lungs, heart and adrenal glands, it will also strengthen your desire to explore and get out.
CARNELIAN: Releases sorrow, envy, fear, apathy, and rage.
JADE: Held to increase one's life-span, and facilitate comfort when the end is near. Assists the immune system, kidneys and heart.
LAPIS: Strengthens the throat, and immune system, also relieves dizziness and occasional insomnia. Lapis is the strongest stone you can find to relieve the pain of leukaemia and bone cancer.
QUARTZ CRYSTAL: An excellent training stone. Quartz crystal amplifies communication between humans and animals, and strengthens mental clarity.
ROSE QUARTZ: Use a rose quartz for your pet when it has been wounded, or recently operated upon. If your pet is aloof, lonely or isolated, the rose quartz will help him learn the powers of love and gentleness..
SMOKY QUARTZ: The powerful smoky quartz helps to heal disorders in paws, claws, and fins. If your pet doesn't always win the fight, the smoky quartz helps heighten survival instincts. This wonderful grounding stone works slowly to eradicate negative energy and hostility..
TURQUOISE: The turquoise stone will protect your pet from the dangers and pollutants of city life. This powerful healing stone is an amazing boost of confidence for your shy pet or new-born litter. Turquoise also offers peace of mind and strong grounding qualities for your somewhat nervous pet.

I quite like the sound of this. For Belle I would need something to calm anxieties. Turquoise or amber perhaps. Is it worth spending 20 US dollars per stone, I wonder?


jmb said...

Well as you can imagine Eurodog I am not a believer in this idea however if one thinks it works on humans why wouldn't it work on animals.
I don't know about amber but most of those other stones you can buy here for a dollar or two for a small piece. I'll look next time I am at Granville Island for there is a rock shop there with lots of small stones. As I said amber could be more expensive but I'll look and let you know.

Eurodog said...

Thank you, jmb. I know how you feel about this but as you say if we accept the idea that it is good for humans, it must be good for animals. Having said that I do not think I will go out and buy stones to put on Belle's collar. She is a very nervous and sensitive dog but there is a reason. I saved her from being put down by a farmer who had neglected her. I will write about that sometime.

Anonymous said...

You may recall that in the box of jewellry Granny gave to the children was an amber necklace that loos quite funereal. Perhaps we should pass this on to Belle, who clearly has greater need of it as her 11th birthday appraches.

Whispering Walls said...

I suppose you'd have to attach it to the inside of the collar

Hannah Velten said...

I was going to ask how you attach these crystals to your dog - but, I guess it is on their collars?! Never heard of this before, but if it works on Belle then let us know!
P.s Thanks for commenting on the gravestone blog - I've left a reply (as I always do to comments)

Eurodog said...

Yes, you attach them on the collar as shown in the photograph.
But how? I guess with a special tie. Superglue?

Cornish Dreamer said...

Fascinating. I'm sure it would be good to try, but at $20 per many would you need for one collar? Sounds like JMB has the right idea about visiting a rock shop!

Flowerpot said...

sounds a fascinating idea ED but a pricey one too! I shall earmark this for my Mollie and hope that Belle enjoys her amber necklace.

Unknown said...

Being in the jewelry business, I really love this post! Eurodog, you can get stones of every kind with a hole already drilled in them. Then,just buy some soft wire, copper (20 guage) or silver if you want your dog to be fancy; and then you can attach it to her collar. You can use the holes already in her collar or just make two new ones and attach her stone. If you lived nearby I'd make it for you!

Eurodog said...

Thank you Mr Eurodog for communicating with me through my blog.
Thank you VV. I will try it.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I agree. Dogs get many of the same diseases as humans so I don't see why crystals wouldn't work with them. Rose quartz calms me!

Eurodog said...

Thank you all for your comments which confirm to me that I should look into this.