Monday, 28 May 2007

Snowy's father is 100 years old

Tintin and Snowy’s spiritual father Hergé would have been 100 years old this month. Georges Rémi aka Hergé was born in Brussels on 22nd May 1907.
Tintin is not a proper name nor is it a surname, it is a totally unique world, a myth or a saga. Tintin surrounds himself with friends who become his family. Among his friends Snowy comes first. In French Snowy is called Milou. The Tibetan monks called him “ Morning Snow” in Tintin in Tibet because of his exceptional whiteness. He is a wire fox terrier.
Admittedly he is a dog but he is above all, the faithful friend of Tintin with a generous spirit. Tintin, a top reporter, keeps travelling around the world and acts more like a detective always seeking the truth and fighting against injustice. Snowy is always with him. He is generous and faithful and both he and Tintin are always on the move. Snowy’s flair and courage will often save Tintin from imminent danger. Not only is he Tintin’s most faithful companion, he is prepared to die on his master’s grave in Cigars of the Pharaoh. He is Tintin’s first and only companion but he is also his alter ego and his only confidant. They are always on the same wavelength in thought but also in conversation.
Hergé either had a dog himself or must have studied dog behaviour closely. Perhaps he was just wishing for a faithful companion.


jmb said...

Isn't it wonderful that these books are still popular today? I didn't know the author was Belgian, I always assumed French. Many, many years since I looked at them, so understandable I hope.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Lovely post which says a lot about dog and human relationships. I loved - and still love - the Tintin books. Thank you for reminding me about them.

Ellee said...

I don't suppose we would have given Snowy a second thought if it hadn't been for you. Well done in reminding us.

I, like the view said...

I went to Belgium last year and brought a little Snowy back for my children - he has a squeaker in his middle, a little like a growly teddy bear, only it barks!

we are huge Tintin fans. . .