Sunday, 6 May 2007

Prozac for dogs

I have just been catching up with the Prozac for dogs articles in the media and on other blogs. I cannot believe what I am reading. Someone suggested it was the beginning of the apocalypse and I agree with this person. What is wrong with our society? American society I should say because that’s where Eli Lilly have just won approval to sell its blockbuster antidepressant. Eli Lilly is not manufacturing this drug for the good of dogs but to further increase their multimillion business. Remember Prozac is Lilly’s most lucrative medicine. People are so gullible, so dumb and often so brainwashed to think that a pill will take away all ill. Humans can be treated in the first place in which ever way they choose. Traditional medicine or any type of alternative medicine or therapies ranging from homeopathy to spiritual healing, freeing charkas, reading tea leaves, magic diets, Gregorian chants and the list is endless if you search on the internet. But dogs do not have this choice and are utterly dependent on their owners.
Only the other day I was contacted by a lady who had a problem with her dog. She was an 80 year old grandmother whose children had bought her a Neapolitan Mastiff. The dog was only 7 months old but was showing signs of aggression towards her grandchildren when they came to visit. Rule number one: do not give a dog as a gift to someone especially if this dog is not an appropriate breed. This really gets my goat.
Dogs are not cuddly toys, they are not a furry baby human, they are not a fashion accessory. They are animals. Pack animals at that and they live according to certain rules. Most humans who buy a dog do not know these rules and most behavioural problems are due to man’s ignorance. A dog when he arrives in a human family as a puppy does not know anything and needs to be guided to become an obedient and a nice balanced creature. A dog needs attention, exercise, proper handling and training.
A few rules: do not buy a dog if you work from 8 till 8. Reconsider having a dog if you live in a small apartment without easy access to a park or forest. Dogs do not take exercise in shopping malls! Go to dog training classes and start as soon as you get the dog. Give your dog attention; this does not mean you have to cuddle it all day long or it sleeps on your bed or you give it treats or you pamper it like a doll. Dog training is easy but it takes time and effort and patience but if you do it properly and become a responsible owner your dog will not need Prozac. I can guarantee it.
I have recently helped Belle with homeopathic remedies. She was suffering from separation anxiety.


Belgrade Beastie said...

This is your best posting. Eli Lilly deserve castigating for such an unnecessary addition to our already sick society. A warning label should be attached to the packets, saying "the person who bought this is mad - my dog is perfectly sane". Undoubtedly Eli Lilly have identified a market need, and a lucrative one at that, but they have shown that greed is safe and well as one of the seven deadly sins. Do not even think of giving your dog one of these pills.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hello from Sicily. I'm so glad I've found your blog! I agree with all that you say here: I was appalled when I first read the Prozac for dogs story. What is the matter with people? I'm coming back here often!

Eurodog said...

Thank you to Belgrade Beastie and to Welshcakes. I was glad to discover your blog too.

Tof said...

Thanks for the post - nice blog too - lejournaldusoir -

jmb said...

Hi Eurodog,

What kind of crazy children give their 80 yr old mother a puppy, let a lone a Mastiff. Even a very fit 80 yr old cannot deal with the steps needed to turn a large puppy into a well trained dog.
That said, I can certainly imagine that dogs could have the same chemical imbalances in their brains that humans have. After all we do give dogs drugs for seizures. I think you would have to look at the reasons for prescribing Prozac for an animal. If it is just lack of training not appropriate but perhaps worth a trial if the alternative is putting the dog down, as occasionally happens due to uncontrollable behavourial problems.
I'm sorry but I do not consider homeopathy a proper treatment for anything although hopefully it does no harm. Sorry Eurodog.

Eurodog said...

Let's choose to differ on homeopathy.
My only concern is that we live in a culture where we use drugs too easily and think drugs such as Prozac will solve the problem. I do not think that is entirely true.
Most behavioural problems stem from owners not being suitable for their dog.

I, like the view said...

what cures a lot of depressed people is love and care and talking and attention and cuddles and time, not the medication (unless the depression is very sever, and then both are important)

quick medication based fixes are not the solution to non-medical behavioural based problems


I'm sure the same applies to unhappy dogs

great post!

Anonymous said...

Well said Ms Eurodog, there is a huge fraud here and in many veterinary treatments inflicted on dogs in my view.

jmb said...

Hi Eurodog,
I totally agree with you that many people have dogs that are not suitable for them with resultant problems.
However I would hope that drugs are not used lightly, either for humans or dogs. That is unconscionable. Especially since in this case the results are mixed at best. I would hope Prozac would be considered only as a last resort.
We also have to remember that newspaper articles are not necessarily reliable sources of truth and one should look at the original studies to find the results.

Winchester whisperer said...

Eli Lilly should be sued for cruelty to animals

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Eurodog said...

Thank you for visiting, Sarah.
Drop in any time.