Monday, 30 September 2013

Dogs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has it all as far as dogs go.  25 dog parks where dogs can be off the lead which per capita is third best in the US. Sin City is not so good for dog walking because of the extreme heat though. Vegas is home to a dog-themed radio program, “a show about things all dog”  called The Las Vegas Hot Diggity Dog Show, hosted by Stacy “Doxie Diva”. It is also a Dachshund rescue group with the slogan “Saving the World One Wiener at a Time.”
According to Dog Jaunt, a blog for people who want to travel with their small dogs, many of the casinos allow dogs as guests.
Local law states if a neighbour shoots your dog for barking in your own yard you are legally allowed to hang them!! 

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Winchester whisperer said...

But can you swap your dog for chips?