Tuesday, 23 February 2010

RIP Webster

Sadly, Webster died yesterday. It is very sad news as he was part of Belle's and my life. Here is what I wrote about him, my friend S and Belle in February 2009:
"Webster belongs to my American friend S. We have known each other for a long time. Our children were at the same school but we met through our dogs. Every morning, we used to walk them together. S and I would have meaningful conversations about everything and anything under the sun. Every weekday morning we would find something to talk about. Come rain or sunshine or hail or snow. We did this for years and I cherished those moments. Sadly S's children have left school and I very rarely walk where we used to walk because Belle finds it too difficult to jump into the car now. And because of her job, S is no longer available first thing in the morning. Webster and Belle are the same age. More or less. Belle has a frisky temperament and does not get on with other dogs easily. She has been known to bare her teeth and snap even. She would see any dog off who would make an attempt to come near us. S made attempts at befriending Belle. Belle would wag her tail when S came near but that was all. She would never go to her when S called her. Never. One day, S must have given her a biscuit and the ice was broken. I guess it took a good 4 years before that happened. But Belle had the greatest respect for Webster who is such a sweet natured dog. In fact, Webster was and remains Belle's only friend. We have not been able to walk together for some time. Sadly.
Webster lives in Brussels."


Winchester whisperer said...

Condolences, ED

Claire Wilson said...

Aw, poor Webster. That's sad news, ED.

Nina Jeanette Hansen. said...

I'm very sorry to hear that ED.
RIP Webster.