Friday, 5 June 2009


Rokedi, the Briard, belongs to my 89 year-old friend. He will be 5 at Christmas and has been my pupil for most of his living years. With me, he is stubborn, disobedient, sometimes aggressive and for ever challenging my authority. With me, he shows signs of dominance and on one occasion went for me. All this with me only. And yet, when a plane flies over, he panicks and worriedly looks out for me and makes a beeline to be as close to me as possible. So close, he has been known to knock me over.


Angus said...

The Briard behaviour sounds just like that of their distant cousin the Polish Lowland Sheepdog - if for whatever reason they don't take a shine to you then forget being their friend. The exception is of course if they want company in which case they will decide that you are acceptable.

Winchester whisperer said...

He's very sweet!

jmb said...

That must have been hard for you to accept Eurodog, given dog training is what you do.

We had a cocker spaniel who took a strong dislike to a male friend of ours. So strange because he loved dogs and never did our dog any harm and she normally loved everyone.

Eurodog said...

Yes, WW, he is very sweet.
Angus and jmb, he does not accept me as the alpha dog and that is why he behaves in a dominant way towards me. Oh, he likes me, there is no doubt about that.