Monday, 11 May 2009


The organist of Hereford Cathedral, who was a friend of Elgar, had a Bulldog named Dan. The dog attended chorus rehearsals in the cathedral and growled when people sang out of tune. Elgar was particularly fond of Dan and in a note on No XI of the Enigma Variations, he explained that the first few bars were suggested by the dog. Bar one of the music represented Dan falling down a bank of the River Wye, while bars two and three had him paddling upstream to find a landing place and the second half of bar five was his happy bark upon landing.

Any comments, Mr Eurodog?


Winchester whisperer said...

That's one way of attaining immortality

Mr Eurodog said...

Dan was clearly a happy dog, loved a good chase and had a fierce bark. All this is conveyed by the music. I listen frequently to Elgar here in Georgia.