Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner

In Brussels, this ad can be seen on the back of every bus, at every bus stop, in every metro station, in every magazine or newspaper. It's everywhere. Now unless you are into vacuum cleaners, this ad would go unnoticed, I am sure. It caught my eye and the only reason is the picture of the dogs. The big hairy one is a Briard like Rokedi who belongs to my 89 year old friend.

The ad is for a MIELE Cat & Dog TT 5000 Cylinder vacuum cleaner and if you are a vacuum cleaner nerd, then please read on:
"Cat & DogModel TT5000Wattage 2200 W Operating Radius 10 m Colour Autumn Red Standard Floorhead SBD 550-3 Mini Turbobrush STB 101 Silence Setting Stainless steel telescopic tube Which? Best Buy modelActive Air Clean Filter Super silent sound insulation TurbobrushPower Wattage 2200 W Colour Colour Autumn Red Special Requirements For Allergy Sufferers N For Pet Owners Y For Removing Odours Y Hygiene Sealed System foroptimum filtration Y HEPA 12 certification for complete vacuum cleaner 1) Y(According to the European Standard EN 1822. Discharged Air is cleaner than the ambient room air) Filter Motor protection Filter Y Active Air Clean Filter Y Dustbag Capacity 4.5 l Dustbags Supplied 2 Automatic hygiene shutter Y (Type G/N (Hyclean) The new HyClean dustbag sets new standards in filtration, dust-absorption, hygiene and safety) Floorheads Standard Floorhead SBD 550-3 Suitable for all floor surfaces with extendible brushes Mini Turbobrush STB 101 Ideal for vacuuming stairs and removing pet hair from upholstery Turbobrush STB 205-3 Perfect for picking up pet hair from carpets Controls Power Controls Six Step Rotary Dial To adjust the suction power for different floorings Silence Setting Y Ideal combination of low noise level and cleaning performance Change dustbag indicator Y Signals when dustbag needs to be replaced Convenience Automatic cable rewind Y Smooth running 360 swivel castors 3 Mounted on steel axles to ensure excellent maneouvrability Cable guide on castors Y Socket for Miele electrobrush N Park system for floor head at rear Y Park system automatic on/off N The vacuum cleaner is switched off automatically when the floorhead is slotted into the park system at the back of the cleaner Storage system at right Y Storage system at either side for easy carrying Y Furniture protecting bumper strip Y Ergonomic carrying handle Y Silent sound insulation Y Super silent sound insulation Y Thermal safety cut-out Y Electronic gentle motor start-up Y Suction hose and tube Anti-static handle Y Hose with 360 swivel joints 2".

NB: I do speak Dutch but this is double Dutch to me.


Winchester whisperer said...

A vacuuming dog would be useful

jmb said...

Well maybe the ad on the back of the bus will sell some vacuums because the other is gives one a headache just looking at it.