Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Lap of luxury

In England when you go on holiday you might put your dog into boarding kennels. Here in Belgium into a “pension pour chiens”. In America into a country club. Top Dog Country Club is such a place and here is what they say on their website about their facility:
“Top Dog Country Club located in New Germany, Minneapolis, has the quality and service level of a Marriott hotel with the fun and activities of a Club Med vacation for dogs. It is a very special place on 42 wooded acres with 18,000 sq ft of Astroturf play area in 3 outdoor play yards and an indoor playroom. The property also includes a wooded trail and a 34 foot, full-size, heated swimming pool. The 5000 sq. ft. club house has separate wings for small, medium, and large dogs. Full-view glass doors lead to 3 separate outdoor play yards. Floors are heated, air is fully conditioned and purified.
In the middle of the club house is Kiwi's playroom (for indoor play), and a full kitchen where the aroma of apple cinnamon biscuits fills the air.
All rooms are private suites . . . no kennels! Suites have faux-stone heated floors, textured walls, windows, plants, & orthopaedic beds with tapestry covers on custom-made wrought-iron frames. Suites have incandescent lighting on dimmers and music is piped throughout the facility to provide a home-like atmosphere. There is special accommodation for older dogs and puppies.
Lots of individual attention and play is part of the boarding fee. Dogs have human and/or dog interaction from 6 am, morning potty time, until 9:30 pm bedtime. We know how important socialization is, so supervised group playtime is our standard.
Well- socialized dogs average 4-6 hours of play each day in one of 3 large outdoor yards, in the swimming pool, an indoor playroom, or on the wooded trail. All playtime is supervised by well-trained, adult staff
Each afternoon your dog participates in "yappy hour," with treats baked fresh in our kitchen, and then settles in for an afternoon nap, serenaded by a little Frank Sinatra.
Our day ends with bedtime storytelling and hugs - even a little body massage! We believe that constant human interaction is the key to a fun and happy experience for your dog.
Dog photography is available as are grooming services and spa services which include bathing, brushing, and massage.
There is a pick-up and delivery service. And Top Dog can plan and host a birthday party for your pup! »

I fear poor Belle would be totally overwhelmed and intimidated.
I have no idea what a stay in this place costs. Any idea?


James Higham said...

There's an awful lot of work involved, isn't there? A labour of love really, I suppose.

rosiero said...

Book ME in for a week!

Winchester whisperer said...

That takes the doggy biscuit!

Anonymous said...

I should imagine it would cost about the equivalent of a two week holiday all inclusive for 4 people to somewhere exotic!! I think my dogs would love it!

CJ xx

Pink Sign said...

It must be in Hollywood or Palm Springs...i want to go

Eurodog said...

It's in Minneapolis. I have never been there. Have you?
Sure ain't Hollywood!

jmb said...

Not bad for a dog but do you think they would demand similar luxury when they came home?