Saturday, 29 November 2008

What's this?

Chen from Kunman, the capital city of Yunman in south west China, bought what he thought was a rare dog from a market but later discovered it was just a common breed with stripes painted on by the dodgy vendor. When Chen spotted the dog at the pet market in Jingxing Street, he haggled the vendor down from 120 ($18) yuan to 50. He was delighted with himself for scoring a bargain. He then washed his new pet when he arrived home. He soon noticed the black stripes on the pooch had all disappeared. "I bought the dog because of the stripes - they looked like tigers'," Chen complained to a reporter. A resident living near the market said sellers often painted dogs in order to sell them for better prices


James Higham said...

Stripes painted on - my goodness!

Violets new Vintage said...

believe it or not I'm speechless!

Winchester whisperer said...

That is hilarious - just goes to show that dogs can be viewed as fashion items worldwide. Remember your post about the pink poodles?