Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Death on the Nile

For several years, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has fought against the mistreatment and massacre of stray dogs in Egypt. They are either poisoned or shot or both. In her letter to President Moubarak, Brigitte Bardot asks for his immediate action. I have copied the letter verbatim in this post. (It has obviously been translated from the French).

"Mr. President,
I have in front of me photos taken yesterday of poor battered dogs, shot by rifles and then left agonizing in pain all over the streets of Cairo. This lamentable spectacle sickens anyone who has even the smallest bit of sensitivity or humanity in them.
For several years now I have implored you to put an end to this cruel practice, to the immense suffering of all the poisoned and beaten dogs, to this shameless slaughter which poses a real problem to public health.I implore you, but you do not even do me the courtesy of responding!
The history and the image of Egypt are inextricable with the animal kingdom. Once respected and venerated as gods, animals are now treated by Egyptians in the worse manner possible with a guilty indifference, and the complicity of the authorities. Countries with less money than Egypt know how to manage their populations of stray dogs humanely, by sterilization. My foundation participates in these programs and can bring you our experience in this realm.
An increase in conscience must be revived in Egypt on the subject of animals' right to live decently, for one also judges a country based on the way they treat their animals!
You know it-- the French are very attached to your country.I am counting on you, on your intervention, mister President, and I bid you accept my assurances of my consideration.
Brigitte Bardot Présidente "

The picture is gruesome ; I am sorry.
I have written to Brigitte Bardot to ask her if she received a reply. Watch this space.


Winchester whisperer said...

That's disgusting and I wish her well with her campaign. Is she right that the ancient Egyptians revered dogs? I thought cats were more their thing? Anubis, their god who protected the dead, had a jackal's head. Perhaps that inspired the Cerberus guard of Hades idea? Mind you, he had six heads and was a proper dog.

Rebecca Taunton said...

What a terrible and cruel way to sort out their stray dog problem. I really do wish Bardot luck with her cause.

Ian Lidster said...

Good for Bardot. Not just a (once upon a time) beautiful face, but dedicated to her cause.
Thank you for visiting my blog and I was amused by your comment about somebody having stolen our cab, and you mentioned that the same sort of thing happens in Brussels. The only other time in my life I've had that happen was in November 2006 in Brussels. Wonderful city, but the taxi process is infuriating.

Eurodog said...

Oh no, Ian. That's too funny for words. I was going to say that things had improved here but November 2006 is quite recent.
We have to accept ( with difficulty ) that chaos and strange behaviour are upon us.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I have created a link.

jmb said...

This is indeed horrible Eurodog. Not only for the dogs but for the people and children who see this. I hope Miss Bardot is successful in her campaign to have this practice ended.

Flowerpot said...

I do hope she gets not just a reply but some action. How terrible.

caine dean said...
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Eurodog said...

Thank you all for your comments.
WW, I must look into this.
I hope BB did receive a reply frim President Moubarak but I doubt it somehow.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I wish her well on this, too and will be back for your further news on it, eurodog.

Anonymous said...
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