Saturday, 12 January 2008

Crime buster 2

I wrote to Sheriff Dan McClelland and asked him if he could send me an official photograph of Midge. He sent me two. And here is the reply to my e-mail message to him. "Here are two photos. One is Midge alone and the other is her with me which shows her size. Feel free to use them as you wish. I absolutely agree with you that dogs need to have jobs. I believe that often when a dog gets into behavioral trouble it is because we the humans did not give them an appropriate job so they invent one of their own."


Anonymous said...

Absolutely delightful photographs. I expect you were very pleased to receive them. I also agree about the behavioural issues with dogs. We have noticed more than often that unless Sparky is stimulated she will chew, destroy, try to get our attention in any way she can. It's been really hard work but well worth it. I think most of looking after a dog is common sense. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't have it.

Crystal xx

jmb said...

How wonderful these photos are. Midge is obviously a very valued member of the team. Thanks for following up on this for your readers (and your own satisfaction of course).

Welshcakes Limoncello said...


Mopsa said...

What a nice chap.

Winchester whisperer said...

Maybe he could send you one of his hats as well - I think you'd look good as the Sheriff of the dog club.

Exmoorjane said...

Came to you via Crystal - fabulous pics...and how great to see a small dog doing a big job. Totally agree about dogs needing jobs - have watched so many Springers and border collies, for eg, going bonkers because they were bored rigid. Mind you, we have a Parson Jack Russell terrier that is petrified of rats and pretty rubbish at going down holes! he grew up with a boxer and thinks he's a guard dog.

VioletsVintage said...

Great post and pictures! I'm going to send a link to my friends at the shelter so they can see this wonderful pup and owner!

Eurodog said...

A lot of dog owner do not know the first thing about dogs.
jmb, WL, Mopsa,
I agree: a nice doggy and a nice chap.
That would go down well. As it is, I am a hat person. Have to be with all this rain.
I like the idea of the jack russell on sentry duty.
Good idea.