Saturday, 24 November 2007

Sans Collier

Cathy, a charming girl who is on my team as an instructor at the dog club also works as a volunteer in a shelter called Sans Collier about 50 kms outside Brussels. On 15th and 16th December, the shelter is organising a fund raising event and a Christmas party. Everybody is welcome. I know most of my readers do not live in Belgium but I promised I would mention it on my blog to make their plight known.
They do a fantastic job. Old and sick animals are looked after and not systematically put down. Over a period of 10 months 385 dogs and 328 cats were adopted; 152 dogs and 7 cats were reunited with their owners.

“Au fond du vieux refuge, dans une niche en bois,
Depuis deux ans je purge, d’avoir trop cru en toi,
Tous les jours je t’attends, certain que tu viendras,
Tous les soirs je m’endors, sans que tu sois là.

Ton absence me pèse et les jours sont si longs.
Mon corps s’épuise et mon cœur se morfond.
Je n’ai plus goût à rien et je deviens si laid,
Que personne, jamais, ne voudra m’adopté »


Anonymous said...

I think it is a wonderful to adopt a dog or cat from a refuge. We adopted Jess, our cat from Berwick Rescue Centre. We did get the 2 collies we currently have from separate litters but the collie before, Gyp, was given to us by a farmer who didn't want her! He said he had too many dogs and we could have her if we wanted. We almost snatched his arm off! She was so beautiful. She wasn't the best dog with Amy but she was an excellent working dog and incredibly faithful.

We were told on Friday last, that Sparky, our red & white collie is show dog level. She has a lot of work to do yet but it's quite nice to hear. Not that we'll be putting her in shows.

Best wishes, Crystal xx

Winchester whisperer said...

It sounds very good. I'm sorry I can't make it. I went to a Christmas party given by the Battersea Dogs' Home a couple of years ago. It was held in Lancaster House which is a stately home next door to St James's Palace. Nevertheless, they allowed three of the dogs to attend and they were very well behaved and charming.

Eurodog said...

crystal jigsaw,
thank you for your comment. Collies are very difficult dogs I feel. Belle is beautiful hence her name. She was adopted because the farmer did not want her anymore. She is nervous and frightened and sometimes dominant. She is fine with us but I am also careful with strangers.
Well done, Sparky.

Eurodog said...

Sans Collier is a small rescue centre and their Xmas party will not be as grand as the one you attended but I feel that the work done for neglected and abandoned pets on whatever scale is noble.
I would love to visit the Battersea Dog's home.

Casdok said...

I got my faithful Collie from a rescue centre as her famer didnt want her anymore, had an adversion to sheep!! She is a delight.

Blossomcottage said...

When I visited Rorke's Drift last week the guide told us that there was a dog present at the defence.
This dog, Pip, belonged to Lt. Charles d'Aguilar Pope, 2nd Battalion 24th. Regiment. He left the dog in the care of Surgeon Reynolds when he left with the centre column. Pope died at Isandlwana, the reading of accounts suggests a very brave death.
Pip played his part in the defence by running up and down the barricades and yelping when the Zulu's were approaching.
The story is that Reynolds adopted this pooch after the defence and eventually took it back with him to England.
The story also suggests that he became so attached to the dog that it was buried with him in the RC section of Kensal Green Cemetery in London.

I marvel at thses kinds of stories about our brave four legged friends.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It sounds a wonderful organisation to me.