Sunday, 21 January 2007

Dog owners live longer

A recent study shows that dogs are good for your health. They offer companionship and the benefits of owning a dog produce more positive influence than cat ownership.
Dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They also suffer fewer minor ailments and serious medical problems. Plus regular “walkies” are good for you. The study also suggests that dogs could aid recovery from serious illness such as heart attacks and act as “early warning” to detect epileptic seizure.
Dr Wells from Queen’s University in Belfast goes on to say that dogs can promote our well being by buffering us from stress, one of the major risk factors associated with ill-health. Owning a dog can lead to increases in physical activities and facilitate the development of social contacts, which enhance both physical and psychological human health.
As a conclusion she says:
“In some cases, the social support offered by an animal is greater than the support another human could offer.”

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