Saturday, 28 March 2015

Easy does it.

In the dog club, here in Brussels, where I was secretary for many years, our trainers used to say: “corriger votre chien” which translates as “correct your dog”.  What does this mean? 
Basically it means that the dog has to do what’s asked of him and his handler has to make his dog fine tune the exercise if it’s not quite right. 
There is a whole repertoire of exercises which are the same the world over.  Training techniques vary but the end result is the same. 
I found a quote in a book written by a 17th C cleric which has nothing to do with dog training but I found it highly relevant.
“Corrections administered with gentleness and affection are more effective than those administered with anger and passion”.        


Whispering Walls said...

Stalin wouldn't have agreed.

Eurodog said...

So many would not agree.