Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ozzy needs a bath

I went to the vet the other day for Ozzy's jabs.  She told me I had to wash Ozzy because he smelled.  I told her that we had just returned from the forest.  Ozzy, I pointed out, is not a little pooch who sits on Mummy's lap.  ( Actually he does sometimes.  He is so big and so affectionate, it turns into a yoga exercice.)   He is a macho intact male and when he is in the forest he bathes in filthy pools,  rolls in horse manure, mud, a decomposing bird, decomposing leaves, that sort of thing.  No wonder he smells. 
Bathing Ozzy means wearing protective clothing. My waterproof sailing gear, actually.  It is an outside summer job.  I need to get the hosepipe out.  He hates it, detests it.   


Winchester whisperer said...

Doesn't the vet have a dog bathing assistant?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Poor Ozzy!

Angus said...

What would we do without yachting gear ?

Eurodog said...

WW, I wish she had.
WL, He hates it.
Indeed, Angus.