Friday, 1 March 2013

Dog day care centre NY

If Ozzy was smart enough to go on the internet and wanted to book himself into a day care centre in New York this is what he would find on Fetch Club’s website:

“Welcome to Fetch Club, your one and only destination for everything canine. Fetch Club is a private members’ club ( note not day care centre ) and hotel located in Manhattan’s Financial/South Street Seaport Historic District. At Fetch Club, we have urban canines like you in mind, and have created an oasis just for you and other like-minded canines to come together and take advantage of the various services and amenities we have to offer.

Four elements have been taken into account to keep your health in balance:
Earth/ food: a healthy treat bar, a variety of wholesome foods, amazing supplements and a wellness kiosk.
Water/H2O: bathing or playing in the Club's waterfall in water purified to perfection with the Tensui Water Purification System, all harmful chemicals are removed while the water is enhanced with calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, vanadium, negative ions, etc….
Fire/Sunlight : enjoying our amazing skylight in The Park or treat yourself to an infrared sauna imported directly from Japan. Air/Oxygen: to counteract the negative influences of polluted indoor and Manhattan air, the purest air possible is provided by the Air Boss by Trion, an industrial air purification system. In addition to this air purification process, all the air through the HVAC system is filtered by the AtmosAir Ionization Air Purification system. The AtmosAir System, deployed successfully in Europe for decades, is the product of original scientific development by Albert Einstein in “bipolar ionization” of oxygen molecules. AtmosAir Solutions has advanced Einstein’s original technology to create the best indoor air purification system available.
And of course, cleanliness! No mops but an Aqua Air Wet/Dry central vacuum purification system to eliminate most, if not all, bacteria”.

Amenities include a hotel, a night club, a fitness centre, a spa where services range from teeth brushing to dead sea mud mask, pedicure, micro bubble bath, infra red sauna and anal glands expression.

The cost for Ozzy for one day would be 40$ plus treadmill in the fitness centre 10$ for ten minutes, cut and style in the spa 60$ plus de-matting $65 and a bath 55$, dead sea mask 10$ and anal glands expression 15$ and a bang trim 20$. Plus food, plus treats. Worth every penny at 275$.

PS: I have yet to find out what a bang trim is. Sounds rude.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It does sound rude! Let us know when you find out!

Winchester whisperer said...

Bet he'd enjoy the night club. Bangs = fringe?

Eurodog said...

I think you're right, WW.