Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Reinforcing the "stay" command

Ozzy and me on Northcott Beach ( North Cornwall ).  We are reinforcing the "stay" command. We start off by playing with the ball.  

When we are nice and relaxed, we start the execise.  The command is "stay" but since I speak French to Ozzy it's "reste".  Not too far at first.

Walking away and increasing the distance.
Ozzy does this really well.


Winchester whisperer said...

Bravo ED! Beautiful weather down there!

doglover said...

A good bit of training. Of course with a border collie it must be a doddle! It always took me ages with my dogs, usually labs and usually rescue dogs.

Eurodog said...

Hello Doglover,
Ozzy is an Australian Shepherd. My previous dog was a Border Collie. Very clever but difficult. I do not think Border Collies make good pets.