Thursday, 13 September 2012

Straight out of Star Wars

The U.S. military-funded robot dog program has developed an electronic canine which will help soldiers hauling their gear over rugged terrain.  This dog is known as a Legged Squad Support System or LS3 and is a sort of an intelligent pack mule that will not react when shots are fired.   The robot dogs have also been trained to follow the leader.  They can walk up to 3 miles per hour over rocky terrain and transition to a 5-mile-per-hour jog on a flat surface. Eventually, top speed will be around 7 miles per hour on flat surfaces.  The robot dogs will even right themselves should they stumble, without even a whimper.  This invention is useful to soldiers who need to cover ground inaccessible to their Humvees. Let’s just hope these dogs don’t turn on their owners.


Violets New Vintage said...

Great article Michele! I had to giggle because...well they look a little bit like cows or very round dogs. Go USA lol

Winchester whisperer said...

Are you sure they're dogs? They look more like horses!

Doglover said...

Do they have tails to wag when they are fed?