Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I want to be alone!

I need my own space!

As a dog owner you have to meet your dog’s basic needs to ensure health and happiness.  Whilst owning a dog is a responsibility, it is not a chore.

Here are some basics to provide:

-A healthy and balanced diet.  Choose a quality diet.
-Provide a good home. Dogs are pack animals – they are part of the family and should not be excluded.
-Keep your dog healthy with regular exercise.
-A dog needs his own space: a corner in your kitchen or sitting room or under the stairs.  A basket, a cushion, a blanket will do fine.
-Go to the vet regularly.  Dogs can have worms, fleas, ear infections without us being aware of them. 
-Every dog needs basic grooming.  Some more than others. 
-Dogs thrive on structure and discipline, and training is paramount to your dog’s quality of life.

It is important to maintain a close bond with your dog.  He knows you better than anybody else.  He watches you constantly and observes your every move. 


ADDY said...

What a fabulous photo.

Winchester whisperer said...

Great photo!

Jackson Henry said...

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