Monday, 12 September 2011

In the dog house

Ozzy peed up against my leg.  Not a little widdle either.  I had to change my trousers and my shoes when I got home.
I stayed calm and told him in no uncertain terms that I was not happy with him.  I put him in a submissive down position.  He did not seem to care.
I am trying to work out why this happened and am doing some research on this.
Yes, he was marking his territory because there were others dogs around.  Yes, he wanted to show me or them who was boss.  The latter is unacceptable.
I'll keep you posted.


Rob said...

It sounds quite funny but no doubt it has a more serious side to it somewhere so I won't laugh.

Angus said...

Overwhelmed by too much excitement ? Young men have their occasional moments of forgetfulness.

DogLover said...

Here's a philosphical question: Which is worse: to be peed on by your dog or to find your dog peeing on someone else?

Playing golf once, I saw a dog pee against a competitor's bag, filling the pocket that carried spare balls! Luckily not my dog. Did I tell my competitor? You bet I did!

Winchester whisperer said...

I bet Belle never did that

Eurodog said...

Thank you all for commenting. A friend said I was obviously standing between Ozzy and the tree I had selected. I was in an open field!
My books have so far not shed any light on this.

dog house said...

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