Saturday, 2 July 2011

To dye for!

Dyeing pets is the latest craze in China.  Those chow chow dogs have been dyed black-and-white to look like pandas.  And at a recent dog show in Taipei a dog-dyeing competition was held but dyeing pets to look like other wild animals is a more recent development.  The trend demonstrates how quickly and dramatically attitudes toward pets — particularly dogs — have changed in many parts of Asia.
In Taiwan, for example, just 10 years ago, dogs were still eaten in public restaurants and raised on farms for that purpose. Traditional Chinese medicine held that so-called "fragrant meat" from dogs which could fortify one's health.
Now, eating dog is viewed by many as an embarrassing reminder of a poorer time.
With more money to spend, newly wealthy Chinese have embraced dog-owning culture with a vengeance. Dogs are brought into restaurants, fussed over in public, dressed up in ridiculous outfits and dyed to look like ferocious tigers.

And here is Ozzy Chinese style.  What do you think?


Winchester whisperer said...

Actually I quite like Tiger Ozzy!

chicken coops said...

I think these don't really harm the dog, so long as they don't mind being painted, don't have to be put to sleep to do it and enjoy the attention