Friday, 1 April 2011

Book at bedtime Part 2

In an article on training domestic dogs about feeding:
"In the old days, before war altered the lives of dog owners, feeding was a fairly simple business.  Lean meat, lightly cooked, but not boiled, at the rate of half a pound for twelve pounds weight of dog, is a fair allowance, but war rations make any meat possible, except horseflesh, and so until easier times return, the best that can  be done is with biscuits, fish scraps and whatever bones can be provided from household joints.  A point to remember is that salt in any form should be avoided.  But a fresh supply of water, supplied daily in a clean bowl, constantly refilled, is a prime necessity.  Dogs are always wantig to drink, so keep the bowl in the shade.
A reminder:  See that food intended for the household table is kept in the larder, or when needed for a meal is placed out of the dog's reach.  And if the dog should somehow find and make away with food intended for the table, do not be angry with him.  It will have been your fault."
Remember this was written at the end of the 1940s. 


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Wise words at the end there.

Rob said...

Dogs these days are spoiled with all the different menus on offer.

Winchester whisperer said...

Does the ratio of half a pound to 12 pounds still hold good?

Eurodog said...

The ratio does not hold with the dry food we tend to give dogs today which is richer and more concentrated.