Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Come back, Ozzy

The recall command is a vital command in dog training.

You must be able to call your dog back to you wherever it is.
1) when it has strayed too far, beyond the limit you have set yourself. At the moment I do not let Ozzy go further than 25 meters because I feel that beyond that I have little control over him.
2) when there is danger ie: cars, pack of dogs Ozzy is unfamiliar with, small children playing.

Ozzy is pretty good at it. I use a whistle as my vocal cords do not always carry when it is windy or if there are major distractions.

With my friend, SH, on the beach in Scheveningen - The Hague.
The beach is huge.  Miles and miles of sand.  Well done, Ozzy. 

With me in the forest in Brussels. 
There are many smells in the forest so well done Ozzy for focusing on me.

" I'm coming, I'm coming."

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