Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Poor innocent dogs

Islamic terrorists tried to down a US cargo plane using exploding Bulldogs, it emerged yesterday.
Two animals, stuffed with bombs and detonators, were found by US officers at Baghdad airport. The bombs had been primed to explode during the aircraft's flight to LA.
But the dogs were never loaded on board as they had been killed by the lethal substances inside them.
The discovery, kept secret for two years, was revealed in France, days after explosives were found inside printer cartridges last week on a cargo plane from Yemen.


Angus said...

Sad how it's always the most innocent that suffer.

Winchester whisperer said...

Really? That's horrific.

Rob said...

In world war two the Russians sometimes used dogs with explosives strapped to them to blow up German tanks. They trained them by starving them of food and then feeding them underneath a tank so that eventually they associated tanks with food and so when released in the battlefield they would run straight under a tank where the Russian soldiers would then detonate the bomb - not good for the tank and even worse for the dog.

Eurodog said...

WW, yes.
Rob, yes, I have heard about this. Quite horrible.