Sunday, 1 August 2010

Surfing USA

More than 60 dogs showed up for the 5th annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog competition in Imperial Beach, California this week to compete for an adorable, if odd, honour. In 10 minutes the dogs had to prove their physical prowess to the judges who were looking for confidence and length of ride.
A dog owner spoke to a journalist about his pup Buddy saying: "He's really passionate about it. He sees this as a game and he wants to play. I'm sure he's ridden more waves than any other dog. My job is to get him into the critical part of the wave."
This year's contest raised money for the San Diego Police Department's canine unit.

These dogs do not look happy to me.  I do not agree with Buddy's owner. 


Flowerpot said...

I agree - they don't look as if they're having a good time at all.

Violets new Vintage said...

It seems a little nuts to me too. I went to a large and crowded craft fair yesterday and saw many anxious dogs being led round by their owners...I didn't get that either. I hoped all the pooches got a nice run int the park afterward so they could calm down.

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Why do people always try to humanise their pets - dress them in clothes/get them to do sport etc? Snoopy hates even getting his ankles wet. I have never seen him swim. He'd hate it.

Anonymous said...

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