Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Merde alors!

Never mind what I think about personalised dog bowls or initialled dog blankets or diamond studded collars or spraying a dog's fur pink or putting a dog in a Halloween costume or palatial dog houses but what in the world is a poop freeze spray used for?


Violets new Vintage said...

Hi, here is what the web says about poop freeze:
Poop Freeze "frosts" poop in order to make it easier to pick-up. This frosting gets rid of most smells right away. All sales are final.

What will they think of next? Here is the link if you want to copy/paste:


Angus said...

Don't usually like these things but think that might come in useful for those 'colitis' moments that defy being picked up.

Eurodog said...

Yes, what will they think of next?
You have a point.

Winchester whisperer said...

Maybe acid would be more effective?