Monday, 31 May 2010

Sailing with dogs

I was looking through Compass 24’s catalogue which is a water sports catalogue for the largest mail order house for yachting equipment in the world. Our favourite pets can enjoy sailing too and for their comfort and safety the following two items are a must.
1. the boarding ladder, suitably named Paws Aboard, offers the fastest and safest way out of the water for our four-legged friends. Reduces danger of injury for dogs of all ages. Extremely safe non-slip rungs. Fast and simple to fit. Central hinge ensures compact stowage. UV and corrosion-resistant material. Easily cleaned with a mild detergent. It will cost you 189,95 £
2. the premium dog swim jacket, an attractive and above all safe swim jacket for your dog. Not just for wearing on board. With soft padded, adjustable chest belt and two adjustable belly straps. Retro reflective patches, lifting becket and small pocket. Cost : 22,95 £

I would just like to add that these are not luxury items as dogs can fall overboard just as easily as humans and can drown just as quickly. Dogs find it very difficult to climb on board and need help.  If humans are more than happy to help their dogs back on board after a voluntary or involuntary swim, they will end up with terrible scratches ( and possibly teeth marks ) on their arms, back and torso as the dog tries to clamber back on board.


Winchester whisperer said...

Do you think dogs enjoy sailing?

Violets new Vintage said...

Living in a pet friendly environment near the the water I think these items are a must have for people who take their dogs out on the water. My humble answer to Winchester Whisperers' question, I think dogs may enjoy sailing/boating if they have been introduced to it in a positive way.

Eurodog said...

I think on the whole dogs do not enjoy sailing. A boat is after all not their natural habitat except for specific breeds like Newfoundlands or Shipperkes. Having said that I think dogs can take to sailing if they have been introduced to it at a very early age and also if they trust their master and commander.