Sunday, 17 January 2010

In memoriam Bonzo

The picture is of Bonzo and this is what my Danish friend, RH, wrote about him:
“Bonzo was a very special dog, I guess, every dog is special to it’s owner, but I would like to tell you about my special dog, Bonzo.
I got him when he was a little puppy, just 2 months old. I had seen pictures of him and fell instantly in love and gave him his name Bonzo. I drove about 400 km to pick him up. He was so brave on the drive home, and was sleeping on my lap safe and sound.
Bonzo was to live on a small island in the Baltic Sea, not in a large family, but with me only…so you can imagine the bond between us grew strong fast.
Bonzo turned out to be a very loving and caring dog, towards other dogs, big and small, and all people too. He was playful, alert and loved our long walks along the beach and in the fields nearby.
Bonzo made many friends in the community, and was known for his calm and loving spirit, and his graceful walk.
I lost my beautiful boy Bonzo, after having him for only 2 years. It turned out, after a few weeks of illness, that he had cancer. Adenocarcinoma Glandula Adrenales. A form of cancer, that cannot be treated. His organs would just set out, one by one. He felt no pain, but was exhausted!!!
Bonzo was my very best friend and loving companion, and I miss him very much. I think about him every day, remembering our great times together.
In Loving Memory.”

I shall be writing about the Broholmer, a Danish breed, in my next post.


Jeanette Hansen said...

Hello dear Eurodog, I read your post about Bonzo today and wanted to share some pictures with you. I really don't know , how to upload a picture on your Blog, so I will E-mail them to you instead . For sure Bonzo was a good, calm & friendly but obviously great dog who required long walks. These walks were enjoyable when we visit the island. Last time we took a walk with Bonzo was up in the beautiful area Hammer hills with snow and we also met a couple of mountain goats.
We will always remember Bonzo and obviously hope that Rie will find joy in a new & second dog when she is ready!

Eurodog said...

Thank you for commenting, JH.
I look forward to receiving more pictures via my e-mail address.

rosiero said...

It is so heartbreaking to part with such loyal and beautiful animals. Rest in peace, Bonzo.

Winchester whisperer said...

RIP dear Bonzo

Rebecca Taunton said...

Aw, that's a sad story. Rest in Peace, Bonzo.