Friday, 23 October 2009

And so to bed

This Mahogany sleigh bed is for sale from Harrods on-line for a mere 399 pounds sterling. It is designed with curved sweeping arms, has a rich mahogany stain and a royal green pillow with hidden zip and a machine washable cover ( thank goodness for that! ). It looks like a miniature bed but it measures 70 cm x 75 cm ( yes, big! ).
The blurb goes on to say: “Exuding elegance, this mahogany sleigh bed lets your pet relax in complete comfort and style. Using the finest chenille fabrics and distinctive designs, the exquisite range from Beds for Dogs & Cats by Barba promises to complement your home décor”.
My first reaction on reading about this?
- what? 440€ to complement my home décor?
- what else does Barba design?
- would you add this to your shopping basket? If yes, would you click one or two or more in the quantity box?
- why does a Chihuahua need such a big bed?
Belle would not be seen dead in one of those. What about Will Smith’s dogs?

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Winchester whisperer said...

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