Friday, 13 February 2009

Good old George

Alan Gay received Britain's PDSA Gold Medal for bravery, the animal version of the George Cross, on behalf of his faithful dog, George, who died protecting five children from pitbulls.
The Governor-General of South Taranaki, New Zealand, presented the medal to Mr Gay.
He paid tribute to the 14-year-old Jack Russell and the relationship people have with their animals. He also said George was not only an extraordinary dog but exemplified the best attributes of a Jack Russell.
"It is often said that Jack Russells are a big dog in a little dog's body."
The five children saved by George's actions in April 2007 stood beside Mr Gay as he received the award. "This is in recognition of your wonderful dog," he told Mr Gay.
South Taranaki Mayor Ross Dunlop retold the tale of George when he was walking with his neighbour's children down the street.
Richard, Kelly, and Christian Rosewarne and Darryl and Ariana Wilson, who was in a pushchair, were approached from behind by two pitbulls.
George faced the pit bulls and ran at the dogs, barking as they closed in on him.
"Thanks to George's intervention the children were able to escape but they could do nothing to help the dog that had saved them," Mr Dunlop said.
"Sadly, they could only watch as the huge pit bulls launched their savage and relentless attack."
Due to the extent of his injuries, Mr Gay agreed to have George put down.
George is the 15th recipient of the medal for animal bravery and only the third outside Britain. It is awarded by the animal charity People's Dispensary for Sick Animals of the Poor.
The award is part of a growing tribute to George that includes a statue on the town's main street, a song written by Swedish band the Talkabouts, and SPCA bravery award and a Purple Heart medal sent over by an American Vietnam veteran.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

What a story. Good for you, George. It's sad that his injuries were so extensive that they had to euthanize.

It's pitties like that that make BSL a reality. You've good timing! I posted about BSL just this morning.


jmb said...

Well George has certainly become a hero and rightly so. Very sad that he did not survive his courageous effort.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Poor, brave George.