Thursday, 10 April 2008

I am back

I have spent a few days in Italy. I was in Pavia, a university town some 30 kilometres south of Milan and here are some of my observations:
The women are straight out of Vogue. Immaculately dressed and groomed, made-up, styled hair, waggling their bottoms. And girls! Flats are out. Heels and high ones at that, are in. Even if they are unbelievably dangerous when walking on cobbled streets.
The men strut around in designer suits, with colourful silk ties and beautiful leather shoes. Nice haircuts. They look good, every single one of them, even the ticket collector on the train. They have a film star look about them.
The food is out of this world. No cooking cheats here…
The wine too. Even the slightly fizzy local Lombardia wine.
Now as for the dogs. I was really surprised to see the odd mix of dogs around. They were all small and non descript. Balls of fluff on 4 paws. The handsome men parading these lapdogs. I don’t get it.
Now in the two art museums I visited in Milan, I was surprised to see that in the biblical scenes depicted in these huge canvasses by Titian, Veronese, Raphaël, Flemish painters and others, there are always dogs somewhere to be found. Mostly in the foreground. Small dogs of the kind still fashionable today but also huge mastiffs which are rarer now. Possibly extinct. I must look into this.


Moira said...

Welcome back, Michele. Sounds like a great trip. Did you see my post about dogs being allowed into museums in Florence this summer? Next time you can take yours to view the art.

VioletsVintage said...

Hi, glad you are home...I am happy you got to see beautiful people and dogs and eat wonderful food. Did you buy any new clothes?

jmb said...

Welcome back Eurodog. Was it just for fun? I think the Italians are not really as fond of dogs as they are cats. You certainly don't see so many around and they don't pick up after them!!!!

Mopsa said...

I suspect big hairy dogs would ruin the fancy designer clothes of the owners...that's why I dress like a turnip - I can enjoy my dogs all the more.

Rebecca Taunton said...

Glad to see you back ED. It sounds like an interesting place you visited. RT

Flowerpot said...

Welcome back ED and that sounds like a wonderful trip. What ahppened to Belle while you were away?

Eurodog said...

I followed the link. You know, I am in two minds about this. Not all dog owners are responsable owners and that's what's worrying me. Not all dogs are lapdogs.
So much sightseeing. No time to shop.
You are right. See my comment to Moira.
you should see me at times!
RT and Flowerpot,
Yes, I had a wonderful time. Belle stayed with Mr Eurodog.

Winchester whisperer said...

Flats are definitely still in, in NY: so many pumps in the shops! Should have gone with you to Italy to find some decent shoes. I hope your daughter's getting on well.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Your observations are as acute as ever, eurodog. Can't wait to read your conclusions!