Friday, 29 February 2008

Checklist before getting a dog

Here are some points you should consider before acquiring a dog which will be your responsibility for a considerable number of years..
-Can you afford to buy a dog?
-Do you want a pedigree dog or do you wish to adopt a dog from a shelter?
-Which breed is more suitable to your needs?
-Ascertain you are not allergic to dogs.
-If you have children, remember a dog is not a cuddly toy.
-Do you have sufficient time to devote yourself to the dog? What are your work commitments?
-Are you prepared to neuter your pet to prevent unwanted pregnancies?
-Make sure the dog has proper identification. Microchipping is the only reliable way.
-Do not let the dog roam the countryside unsupervised.
-Always scoop up poop when on walks.
-Attend training classes for basic advice and to keep basic obedience up to scratch.
-Find a good local vet.
-Make sure the dog gets the right amount of exercise.
-Provide a balanced diet.
-Get the dog vaccinated and keep boosters up to date.
-Take out adequate insurance ( third party liability ).
-Follow the Country Code in rural areas or other local rules. In Belgium the Règlement de Police or the Règlement Communal.
-Do not allow your dog to jump up onto people or to be a nuisance to other dogs or humans.
-Respect the views of others. Not everybody likes dogs.


rosiero said...

And treat it like one of the family!!

jmb said...

Excellent advice Eurodog.

I always laugh when people complain about how expensive their pure bred dogs were. The purchase price is chicken feed in comparison with what one spends over the lifetime of the dog and if you amortize it over the lifetime of a dog what's another $150 per year for example.

And like your children, always shower love and praise on it.

VioletsVintage said...

Great questions to ask. I always want ask the very young couples who will get the dog if they break up...I am so New York sometimes!

Eurodog said...

Absolutely right.
Yes, of course.
It had not even crossed my mind but you are right of course.

Flowerpot said...

very sound advice ED - that should be up everywhere I think. Every breeder, everyone selling dogs. And every rescue centre. Good for you - I only wish more people took notice of this.

Winchester whisperer said...

You forgot to mention that if you have a Mazza, you'll need a blanket to protect the seats.

Eurodog said...

WW, very good point and vamluable advice. Did I tell you I was thinking about an Aston Martin? Belle prefers them. I needless to say did not win the Euromillions.