Thursday, 27 September 2007

Toy Dog

Winchester Whisperer mentioned Peggy Guggenheim’s dogs eating foie gras and not living long because of it. It would seem Peggy saw the light somewhere in 1950 because from then on her dogs lived longer. They lived for 10 to 15 years according the records on the memorial stone in the Nasher Sculpture Garden in her Venetian Palazzo Venier dei Leoni where she is buried next to her beloved dogs. In photographs of her taken with her dogs, they look like Havanese. A Havanse belongs to the Toy Group. Why is this group called Toy Group? When breed associations or kennel clubs divide breeds into groups for the purpose of competition, the Toy Group contains the smallest dog breeds. In this group you find: the Bichon, the Cotton de Tulear, terriers such as the Yorkshire Terrier and Boston Terrier, the Griffon, the Papillon, Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles and more similarly sized dogs.
The diminutive size and winsome expressions of Toy dogs illustrate the main function of this Group: to embody sheer delight. Don't let their tiny stature fool you. Many Toys are tough as nails. The barking of an angry Chihuahua, for example, is something to behold. Toy dogs will always be popular with city dwellers and people without much living space. They make ideal apartment dogs and terrific lap warmers on cold nights.
They are often referred to as “lap dogs” and in French they are called “chiens de compagnie”.
Both very apt.


Rebecca Taunton said...

My brother had a little terrier that looked so cute and cuddly, but get her on a lead and she could pull harder than my old border collie!
People generally want to feed their animals the best food they can get, but I can't imagine feeding a dog foie gras. I know it's a delicacy, but that's something I wouldn't even try myself.
An interesting entry.

Mopsa said...

Truly Euro D I try to like toy dogs but I just can't stand their constant yapping and yanking on your trouser leg - so horribly needy and in your face (sorry, in your foot). I love a large beast, loving but self confident, happy and not yappy unless there is something important to which they need to draw your attention. by the way, you should stop over at Chip Dale's blog - he has questions about dogs that I am not prepared to answer and you may know the answer without having to do the dirty deed!

Eurodog said...

I agree with you on toy dogs but as the secretary of the dog club where I work, I must remain neutral. What do you do if someone turns up with a chihuahua and you have to put it in the same group as a rottweiler?
Will check out chipendale's blog.

Liz said...

Hi Eurodog, Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I really should update my sidebar: Harvey died at the end of July. He was nearly 15 and very much loved. Now we are back from holiday we are going to start looking for a new Golden Retriever pup. Any advice?

jmb said...

I've been to the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venetian Palace and walked in her garden amongst the graves and I posted about it a while ago.
You are so right about the Toy group, small but all alpha dog personalities for sure.

Winchester whisperer said...

I like seeing small dogs being carried around in handbags in Italy although I've never seen that in London.

VioletsVintage said...

Many small dogs I have encountered are remembered for their large personalities....especially chihuahuas, I really have grown very fond of them as a breed!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Simi would like to tell you she's a pretty awesome barker too, eurodog, although she is a "toy"!

Susan said...

I have a Yorkshire Terrier who thinks he is an
Airdale. Very protective of me, but a sweetie once he knows you. So easy to transport and clean up after. I used to distain wmall dogs but now I love them.