Saturday, 11 August 2007

Great honour

Flowerpotdays awarded me the Inspirational Blogger Award. I thank her very much for this great honour.
It is my turn to nominate five others. I read them every day without fail and they are:
Sicily Scene/Welshcake Limoncello
Nobody Important/jmb
Winchester Whisperer
Violets Vintage


jmb said...

Congratulations Eurodog, a well deserved award.
Thank you for passing it on to me, you are too kind. I'll put it up later in the week.
I'll have to check out the other awardees that I don't know.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Congratulations from Simi and me and thank you so much for passing it on to us. I, too, am honoured. I'll put the banner on probably tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you. You have a super blog.

Mopsa said...

Inspirational Blogger - what a lovely award - well deserved. Congrats to you plus a big thank you for the ongoing nomination, and the even nicer thoughts that you visit every day.

Eurodog said...

jmb, wl and mposa,
you are welcome and thank you for being part of my life.

jmb said...

Perfect links, Eurodog.
Well done, it's not so hard after all.

Winchester whisperer said...

I am honoured, Eurodog. I must confess that I am an avid reader of your blog, even though I've never owned a dog.

Eurodog said...

WW, avec grand plaisir.

Rebecca Taunton said...

Congrats ED, a well deserved award.


VioletsVintage said...

Dear Eurodog, Congratulations on your award. You deserve it and more. Your blog is one I always look forward to reading!
Also,thank you so much for the nomination. I appreciate it very much. I developed tendonitis in my right hand from all those large dogs pulling me around at work and haven't been blogging! I better get going to update now, as I am feeling much better. Thank you again, its really quite an honor! BB

Eurodog said...

VV, with great pleasure