Friday, 20 April 2007

Two stars

I thought you might be interested in these two dogs. Chloé, the great Dane is the tallest dog in our dog club and Gipsy, the cavalier King Charles is one of the smaller ones.
People often wonder if dog training practices are the same for all dogs. The answer is: yes it is. A dog is a dog and it is only a question of genes. In our training classes all breeds are mixed and treated the same. The relationship with the owners of small dogs is different but more about that some other time. Large dogs have different needs. They eat more for starters and their owners need to have a big car and should not live in a bedsit. It is more difficult to take them on public transport or on planes but people know this when they buy a dog. Or do they?


Winchester whisperer said...

That's a great photo: what a tiny/huge dog! Are they good friends?

jmb said...

That is an incredible photo Eurodog. The cavalier King Charles is very rare here. The only one I ever saw was Stanley Coren's. At the time he had a black cairn and a cavalier KC and he used to compete with them as a pair. Both are gone now. He has Nova Scotia duck trollers, I believe.

When I had my miniature schnauzer Kanga in dog obedience, I couldn't go on the night for small dogs, so I had to go with all the big dogs. I always say that Kanga failed first time because on the test for stay he was next to a big Newfoundland who shifted position and sat on him and he hopped up. So we had to repeat.

I, like the view said...

where I live every other person seems to have dog

most of them are quite small

but there is one lady with one of those huge dogs that looks like a strangely shaped miniature horse (might be the same breed as the one in your photo)

it's very amusing when she lets it off the lead in the park and it plays with the tiny dogs

just like your photo!

Flori said...

Did you take this photo? It is so beautiful! I'd like to be in the middle...

Eurodog said...

No it is was taken by a professional photographer and the photo was used in a publicity shot but the dogs are members of our club and follow obedience classes. I can tell you Chloé, the great Dane is a naughty one and is rebelious at the moment. She is 3 years old and behaves like a puppy. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

I notice you have never included a photo of me on your blog. I am of average size and weigh just over 10 kg.